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Born in Marseille, France, I went quite a long way before getting to photography.

Music was my first love. I used to play bass with rock and pop bands, while studying electronics.

In 1980 with a friend of mine, we launched the very first professionnal recording studio of the region, «Studio de l'Etoile», then a private radio station that went very popular : «Radio Star».

In 86, the discovery of the trades of communication and Image challanged my professionnal life.

Within a large financial company, I started studying the DTP (Desktop publishing), as well as the video and graphics and ultimately became creative executive in the communication department.

In January 1992, I had a breakthrough : what if I tried Photographic Art !

Thus I began to photograph each and every thing with more or less success. Tough lesson! It is not enough to have eyes to see, you have to learn how to see.

In March 1993, I made a determining meeting, Christian and Jean-François of the store photo Light Foch. They gave me the oppurtunity to make my first stereotypes in studio with models. It was the second breakthrough. In their studio, I learned how to operate the gearing, the flashes and how to model the light.

I invested heavily in photograhic material. I made books for dozen of models, my prefered work being in the studio. In 1999 and 2000 I was the official photographer of the «Elite Model Look PACA Languedoc-Roussillon and Corsica», and made books for the winners. I received my first commanded work of photographs.

Since 2001, still working as a creative executive, I began my series of personal shoots with the idea to develop series of artistic nude and publish, one day, my first book of photographs.

2002 - First nude artistic exhibition in Arles.

2003 - January, launching of my Internet site - June, permanent exhibition of my work at the «Island Gallery» in Uzes. - October, complimentary article in Playboy magazine, on my light and the beauty of my models... Thanks to them.

2004 - May, exhibition of my theme «Fleur de Peau» as a guest at the «European Exhibition of the Nude Photograph» in Arles - August, positive and encouraging article on this theme in the magazine «Réponse Photo» - October, Prize winner of the «Serge ASSIER Price» in Marseilles.

2005 - March, guest at the International Exhibition of Contemporary art in Marseilles - May, head teacher of training course at the "European Exhibition of the Nude Photograph" in Arles. May, launching of the collective book «Glances at the body» - May, Exhibitor and head teacher of training course at the «Salve Mater Photo Festival» in Belgium - June, 8 pages article «Fleur de Peau» in the Belgian magazine «Menzo» - In November, shooting for Canadian documentary «The Art of Nude».

2006 - Participation in the collective book of «Focale». Exhibition with «Des Corps Naturels» in october at the «Galerie Phocéa». Achievment of the shooting of my future book «Natural sets and bodies». A year devoted to the images production of new series and to improve my photographic and computer equipment with, in particular, the approval by Epson as a « Digigraph artist » ( for the art prints.

2007 - Exibition of "Natural Sets and bodies" at Fotofactory, Uzès.

"Natural Sets and Bodies"